Department of Electronic Communications Logo
Legal Name Founded Type Size Website Contact Email
Cy.R.I.C - Cyprus Research and Innovation Center Ltd. 2013 Industrial Small
EMTECH SPACE P.C (CY) Ltd. 2016 Industrial Small
IREROBOT Ltd. 2017 Industrial Small
Cloudwater Ltd 2021 Industrial Small
EUSEBTON Ltd. 2015 Industrial Micro -
AAI Scientific Cultural Services Ltd 2004 Industrial Small
Space Systems Solutions (S3) Ltd 2016 Industrial Micro
Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organisation 2003 Governmental Medium
Cyprus Talecommunications Authority 1954 Industrial Large
Emme-Care Research Centre Academic Medium
Geomatics (Cyprus) Ltd Industrial Small
Geoimaging Ltd 2002 Industrial Small
AMDM - Advanced Materials Design & Manufacturing Ltd. 2013 Industrial Small
Atlantis Environment and Innovation Ltd (Atlantis Consulting Cyprus Ltd) 2000 Industrial Small
Ecliptic Defence and Space Ltd. 2020 Industrial Small
Geofem Ltd. 2007 Industrial Small
European University - Cyprus Ltd. 2007 Academic Large
University of Cyprus 2016 Academic Large
Eratosthenis Centre of Excellence (Cyprus University of Technology) 2007 Academic Medium
Hellas Sat Consortium Ltd. 2001 Industrial Large
Semacq Systems 2008 Industrial Micro
EMBIO Diagnostics 2007 Industrial Micro
Space Hellas Cyprus Ltd Industrial Small
SignalGenerix Ltd. 2004 Industrial Small
Frederick University 1965 Academic Large
CMMI Cyprus Marine & Maritime Institute 2019 Academic Medium
O.M. Offshore Monitoring Ltd Industrial Small
EDEX - Educational Excellence Corporation Limited 1981 Academic Large
ADITESS Advanced Integrated Technology Solutions & Services Ltd. 2011 Industrial Micro
Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation (CSEO) 2012 Academic Small
Public Works Department 1960 Governmental Medium
Sigint Solutions Ltd. 1996 Industrial Small
Cellock Ltd Industrial Small
Simlead Ltd Industrial Micro ​
Cyens Centre of Excellence 2018 Academic Medium
Netfon Services Ltd. 2000 Industrial Small
NovaMechanics Ltd Industrial Micro
The Cyprus Institute 2005 Academic Medium
Cyprus University of Technology 2003 Academic Large
Eight Bells Ltd 2016 Industrial Small
G&T G Novatex Solutions Ltd. 1999 Industrial Small
SK Embio Diagnostics Industrial Micro
Avanti HYLAS 2 Cyprus Ltd. 2011 Industrial Small -
Geological Survey Department of Cyprus 1950 Governmental Small
Department of Agriculture 1896 Governmental Medium
KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence 2008 Academic Medium
AI ZeroCaliber Ltd. 2017 Industrial Micro
H.O.S House of Science Industrial Micro
Blue Cherries, Strategy & Communication 2018 Industrial Micro -

If you are interested in learning more about the "Domain of expertise" each company operates in, firstly please download the Excel file with the index of the "Domains of expertise" of the companies.

Then, after first finding the "Domain of expertise" you are interested in, from the above document, please download the complete list of companies along with the Domains they specialize in and search in this excel file (through entering the "Domain of expertise" you're interested in) to display companies that are specialized to.

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