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1. The Director of the Department of Electronic Communications of the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, acting in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 11(5) of the Radiocommunications (Competition and Negotiation Procedures) Regulations of 2002, as amended, announces the publication of the document Bidders Package regarding the “Auction for the Grant of Right of Use of Radio Frequencies for the Establishment and Operation of Digital Terrestrial Television Network for the Provision of Electronic Communications Services” and reference code: THE Δ1/2022.

2. The object of the Bidders Package is the detailed description of the auction in accordance with paragraph 1.4 of the respective Contest Documents, where the Qualified Bidders are expected to participate.

3. The Bidders Package determines, among others, the rules for submitting bids, provisions concerning breach of the auction rules and the imposition of relevant penalties, and the description of other supporting processes such as informational seminar and mock auction. The Appendices of the Bidder Package include the forms to be used, the flow chart of the bidding process, and instructions to the participants in the auction.

4. The Bidder Package is available below. Please note that Bidders Package is available in Greek language.


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